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What is going on behind the scenes at Real Estate Video Channels?

All of our team at Real Estate Video Channels will be bringing you the latest technology to all and we will be showing you in plain  English along with images and videos how to implement these new technologies so you can profit instead of being intimidated by them.  Stay tuned and come back often.Please sign up for our email newsletter Be one of the first to know when we launch with our grand opening specials for all that signup before hand. We will be scouring the web for all the latest news and videos for agents and posting on this site. This will be the de facto site to come to for real estate video technology news so you can spend your time selling real estate and have the full knowledge that you will not miss out on anything.
Our programming team has recently been working on a new software system to develop and implement a strategically focused business system for agents to implement video in their marketing online and off to  compete in a highly competitive marketplace. Mobile enhanced videos are the latest and will be offered to all shortly.

The 4 latest technologies that agents must understand to exist in the technologically enhanced  business world today are
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Qr Codes
  • Social Web

To do this, marketing and management strategies needed to be aligned and integrated into the video channel branding system. The goal was to focus on improving agent/customer satisfaction and overall service within the confines of each video channel.. Strategies were developed using data-driven results collected via marketing research and management science.  
We are not about to try to keep up with the competition. We are the competition  Join us and profit from our 20 years experience online.
Be  a Part of the
Real Estate Video Revolution

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